Clay Siegall Talks About The Accomplishments Made By Seattle Genetics

After two decades in cancer therapy research, Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics has developed drugs that have brought relief to cancer patients and their families. However, the scientist journey started much earlier than 1998 when he founded the company. As a young adult studying zoology at the University of Maryland, Dr. Siegall saw the effects of the disease on its victim firsthand. This is after one of his relatives was diagnosed with cancer. In the next five years, he observed the ineffectiveness of the standard treatment procedure. Clay was convinced that various treatment procedures such as amputations were brutal and made a cancer patient weaker. This experience caused him to change his life goals to start finding humane treatments for cancer.

According to the Seattle Genetics’ founder and chief executive officer, the company took a very long period before it started generating revenues. However, the potential in antibody drug conjugate technology that the company was exploring saw it secure over $1.2 billion in funding. Presently, the company does not rely on funding from investors. The entity’s first cancer therapy, ADCetris, has been doing well in the market and is helping the company rake in millions of dollars in revenues. The FDA-approved drug is available to patients in over 60 countries globally. Moreover, the company earns revenues from licensing its technologies and processes. This situation helps Seattle Genetics to generate revenue while at the same time accelerating the development of better cancer therapies.

When asked about his successes, Dr. Siegall responded by saying that the answer lies on one’s work habit. He refers to a letter written by Charles Darwin, which said that human beings do not substantially differ in intellect. What makes the difference is the work habit. The executive leader adds that he is passionate about his career and tends to be workaholic.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a celebrated expert in development of targeted cancer therapies. The CEO of Seattle Genetics has extensive experience in developing antibody drug conjugate therapies. He is a graduate of both the University of Maryland and George Washington University.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, he was working for different institutions such as the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research institute. Dr. Clay Siegall sits on the boards of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.


José AuriemoNeto Propels JHSF to New Heights with Strategic Approaches

José AuriemoNeto, the executive from Brazil, is the chair and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. The real estate company is committed to developing residential and commercial properties in Brazil. He supervises the brand’s interests in office buildings, hotels, and public developments.

He also manages the groups extensive shopping and retail portfolio. The collection includes CidadeJardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo, the MetrôTucuruv, the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador. There are two more developments in the Sao Paulo district currently under construction in because of the nation’s economic growth.

AureimoNeto also oversaw the group’s first venture into retail in 2009. The company signed exclusive partnership agreements with Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci and opening the luxury brands premier department stores in CidadeJadrim shopping complex. In 2012, they in association with Valentino, launching the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino outlets in his native country, Brazil.

JHSF Participações S.A. is renowned in Brazil for high-end real-estate properties, with substantialcontributionto residential and commercial incorporation, the development and administration of shopping centers, high-end hotels, and an international commercial airport.

Established in 1972, the company is known for its capability to recognize new prospects in the sectors where it operates. Its innovation, pioneering, quality, and ability to present sustainable solutions in its developments and projects are some of the company’s pillars of growth.

As the company progressed, JHSF amalgamated its presence in capitals like São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus and globally in Punta del Este, New York and Miami.

The companyhas four business segments: Incorporation, Shopping Center, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, and Airport. It has been in existence for more than four decades and was ranked in the highest Corporate Governance section of the Bovespa in April 2007

Career and Education

He went to the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University in Sao Paulo. AuriemoNeto’s career at JHSF started in 1993. In 1997 the young executive created Parkbem, a parking lot management company. The firm was the group’s first service delivery company. Due to the success of Parkbem, Auriemo secured the rights to develop the group’s original shopping destination, the Shopping Santa Cruz, and administered its successful growth. To know more about him click here.

How Marc Sparks uses his Companies to Empower Startups

Mark Sparks is an authoritative figure when it comes to the competitive business world. The experienced serial entrepreneur is respected for his skills and expertise in the industry, and he is a role model to very many individuals all over the world. The businessman was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Many respected him because of his significant role in mentoring and coaching the upcoming businessman in the community. Learn more:


Mark Sparks has established his name in the industry of business over the years. In his successful career, Sparks has managed to develop some great strategies that help the professionals in the department to come up with successful ventures. The persons who have emulated Mark Sparks have turned out to be very successful. Because the hedge fund manager has been in the auto insurance, catering and startup sector for a while, he can understand what a new business needs so that it can be profitable.


According to Sparks, customer care service is crucial to all new businesses. Sparks says that without this fundamental element, most individuals end up with huge loses. When dealing with the modern consumers, the businessman believes that entrepreneurs must maintain composure. Regardless of the complexity of the matter at hand, a composed businessperson will always emerge successfully. Companies that have embraced this great skills have made high sales. Learn more:


To reach to all the upcoming businessmen effectively, Mark Sparks has founded a company that serves as the bridge between the clients and business owners. Just recently, the firm announced its new role in serving as a business facilitator. The agency, known as Marketing Sparks will provide entrepreneurs with the interactive sessions that will assist them in their marketing journey. The company will be bringing experts in all fields to help in the meetings. According to the management of the institution, the new program will offer insights concerning the various developmental structures needed in startups. The fundamental role of the program is to provide a reliable communication channel for the development of ideas. Learn more:


Sparks is very passionate about building new firms. To make his dreams come true, the businessman generates his ideas from what other individuals have not been able to construct. The businessman can be trusted for his skills because he already maintains several successful companies. One of the most profitable ventures from the businessman is known as Timber Creek Capital. The institution has helped very many people to succeed in business. His many years in the industry have given him the knowledge and understanding to deal with the challenging activities in business. This expertise has helped Sparks avoid some of the costly mistakes investors make when venturing into business. Sparks is also passionate about helping the community.


The New Teaching Approach of Rocketship Education

Jacque Patterson, the regional director of Rocketship Education, says that the charter of schools intends to operate more like a neighborhood school as compared to the District’s other charters. The school accepts applications from all children from D.C who would like to join it, but Rocketship focuses on recruiting students from the neighborhood of Ward. The school is to accommodate three hundred and fifty students in kindergarten through second grade at its inaugural 2016-2017 school year.

Administrators hope all families of the students will be involved in the school, and are creating space for parents. The school is building a room where parents can access Internet and laptops, allowing them to go on with their usual activities such as submitting job applications as they wait to pick up their children from school or attend school functions. The school offers parents a unique opportunity to play an active role in the education of their children and closely pay attention to their academic progress. This is very important as one of the best ways of revitalizing of the community.

Rocketship aims at teaching parents how to fight for the rights of their children in the middle as well as high school years after they have left Rocketship. It gives parents an opportunity to interview teachers giving them a chance to develop a rapport with the teachers before the school year begin. School officials plan to make home visits to each student’s family during the academic year, and host several events for parents to attend. This will give an opportunity for the teachers and parents to bond and work together towards improving the learning process for the students. Currently, Rocketship is planning to host a Ward 8 D.C. Council debate before the next election.

A construction worker known as Jermaine Carter recently moved to Ward 8 from Houston. He admits that he is new to the whole process and that he is still learning. Jermaine intended to send his son to Rocketship and made up his mind after attending a few teacher interviews. Like the rest of the parents, he confesses that it is a good feeling to get exposed to what your child is doing.


Securus Technologies On the Hunt with Law Enforcement

If my team gets a call that we have a dangerous fugitive on the loose, I have ti be able to spring into action in a moment’s notice or we put an entire city at risk. Looking at the suspect more closely, we discover that he is a career criminal, having been in and out of jail his whole life. What troubled my team the most about this suspect was he was not afraid to use violence if he did not get what he wanted. The sooner the better when it comes to locating these type criminals.


Whenever my team is dealing with a suspect who has no friends or family in this area, we turn to the one place where he is treated like family. The local prison is packed with characters who will stab you in the back in the blink of an eye, there really is no honor between thieves. If the inmates knew we needed their help, they would never say a single word, In order to get some tips, we have to approach things a little creatively.


Securus Technologies is the company that was responsible for installing the prison inmate call monitoring system. When the system was first introduced to my team, it took us a while to understand the full potential of the LBS software. Able to listen to all inmate calls while alerting officers to specific chatter, it is like having a whole police force in our hands.


We began scanning the system for calls related to our suspect, and what we discovered was this fugitive had made an enemy with the local gang. Their members were talking on the phone about this fugitive owing them money for product he took, and they wanted to set up a meet with him to ambush him. We decided to take charge after we discovered the meeting place and took him in instead.

How Jason Halpern Became a Prosperous Developer While Enjoying Life & Helping Others

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern ranks among the East Coast’s most successful developers of real estate. He runs a highly respected firm known as JMH Development. Halpern’s life began when he was born in 1975. His father Joel worked as a developer and operated Halpern Enterprises. The company maintained headquarters in Westchester. Joel’s career and recreational activities had a major influence on his son. Jason started working at the family business during the 1990s.

New Company

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Some time after another firm bought Halpern Enterprises in 1996, Jason founded JMH Development. One of his first projects involved an old warehouse in Brooklyn. He bought the facility and instructed workers to convert its storage space into high-end rental housing. The warehouse became a luxurious 340-unit apartment complex called 184 Kent. This vast property also contains several retail businesses. It won a Building Brooklyn Award because JMH had successfully repurposed an aging structure.

Impressive Hotel

Halpern’s company hasn’t confined its business activities to the New York area. It bought a historic Miami Beach lodging establishment in 2006. Jason hoped to expand and fully renovate the building. When a lengthy recession unfolded two years later, he chose to suspend the project. This wise decision made it possible to complete the work in 2014 and open the new Aloft South Beach hotel under more favorable economic conditions. It features a fitness center, meeting area and swimming pool.

Niche Focus

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern knows that businesses often attain greater success through specialization. Although JMH purchases structures of many different sizes, the firm concentrates on luxurious properties in neighborhoods with historic buildings. The projects involve venerable establishments like the Brooklyn Heights Cinema and Motel Ankara. He understands the importance of respecting each community’s history. The real estate developer also recognizes the need to prepare for economic downturns. Many property owners run into financial difficulties when they only plan for a future of nonstop growth.


Halpern doesn’t spend every day in the office. He enjoys scuba diving and watching football with his son. Rather than view the games on TV, he travels to distant stadiums in various parts of the United States. The JMH founder has participated in car races from time to time. His father liked to race cars and speedboats. The younger Halpern also embarks on trips to foreign countries, such as Mexico, Zimbabwe and Costa Rica. Non-work activities help to boost his business acumen and productivity.


Jason shares the company’s wealth through various philanthropic efforts. He recently started working to help people gain access to pure drinking water. When clients buy condo units at a Miami development known as Three Hundred Collins, JMH gives $20,000 to an organization called Charity: Water. It uses this funding to assist people in Nepal and Ethiopia. Clean water helps them lead more enjoyable lives and avoid the illnesses associated with water-borne bacteria.

His Family

The JMH founder also donates considerable amounts of money to an emergency health facility named after his father. Westchester Medical Center’s Joel Halpern Trauma Center frequently serves New Yorkers with particularly serious injuries. Its sophisticated equipment and experienced doctors treat patients who have suffered internal organ damage and severe burns. The facility helps individuals in need of heart or brain surgery as well. Halpern’s contributions make it possible for more people to obtain top-notch health care.

Jason continues to work on various commercial and residential developments in Miami, Brooklyn and Queens. His firm plans to finish constructing a new Long Island hotel in 2017 and open it during the following year. It will offer 289 rooms, an underground parking facility and abundant retail space. Halpern regularly boards flights to Florida and New York to oversee projects. He hopes to achieve lasting success while engaging in work that genuinely improves the lives of building residents, guests and employees.

Paul Mampilly’s Take On Investment And The Role Of Millennials In America

Paul Mampilly has mastered the art of focus in all his endeavors. He is a renowned investment advisor whose platform is the internet and written works by Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul joined the publication house in 2016 as a senior editor. His specialization is to help the 99 percent of the population discover money making tips used by the wealthy and increase their net value. His primary areas of focus include technology, small cap stocks, special offers, and growth investment.

Mampilly is the founder and CEO of the popular newsletters Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. Before embarking on helping main stream society break from limited revenues, he was heavily invested in advising wealthy clients on money making schemes. He shifted his passion after quitting his regular job to freelance as an advisor. Paul stated that he grew to understand that Wall Street does not have enough room for the people who need investments. He took one year to unravel himself from his engagements in the main stream industry and dedicated his life to helping people from all backgrounds invest wisely.

Paul’s Profit Unlimited is a research oriented newsletter that caters to the pockets of most Americans. Paul has an expert team that understands his concept of investment and has an equal passion for delivering consistently useful tips. They put in 30 to 40 hours of in-depth research to find the most suitable assets. In most cases, the best ones are usually ignored by main stream investors but always display continuous growth. The compiled data is then summed up in a detailed report that takes up 20 to 30 hours to complete. Paul is aware that most of his clients do not understand investment linguistics; hence he simplifies every publication to ease their analysis. Paul recently launched another research forum, True Momentum, which is set to overtake its two predecessors.

Apart from being investment savvy, Paul Mampilly has a fascination for the future of the world regarding innovation and the economy. He predicts that the internet of things will take over operations in every facet of life. Paul explains that the future will have more sophisticated machines to fill in where people cannot. He is also positive that the American economy is in the hands of Millennials who estimate 92 million in a count in 2017. Paul advises that it is crucial to take note of the trends that the generation creates and the companies they have an inclination to better plan for a robust financial state.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly:

Clay Siegall Demonstrates Prowess While Offering Solutions To Cancer Menace

Getting solutions to various diseases is the dream of every health expert and it takes a lot of effort to get this dream to work. Many of the professionals who have been in the healthcare industry long enough understand the processes that are required before a new cure is discovered. It is a tedious process that calls for sacrifice and dedication before solutions are found. Clay Siegall is one of the professionals who has put a lot of effort to developing new structures in the healthcare industry and most of his effort has dwelt in research about cancer.


Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, Clay Siegall has earned sufficient experience to work with many individuals who have also been offering their services to help in the pursuit of a solution to the cancer menace. Many of his projects are today successful products that are helping people from different parts of the world. To effectively work on building a strong career in cancer research, Clay Siegall developed Seattle Genetics, a company that deals with cancer research and the development of treatment alternatives for major ailments that hinder the attainment of peace in one’s life.


Solutions to fight cancer

Seattle Genetics has for a long time been working on getting the most appropriate methods to treat cancer patients. Many of the methods used today are not effective and could even speed up the development of a bigger problem. The concepts that professionals like Clay Siegall presented dwell on coming up with new drugs and methods that can help to cure the disease without necessarily using radiation or methods that affect other cells of the body.


It is through this effort that the company was able to launch and distribute ADCETRIS, a drug that has been helping many people in the treatment of cancer. Clay Siegall is one professional whose career has been a ladder of growth and development with many of his projects targeting making the healthcare industry better. He also published journals in the area addressing different problems.


Despite large, visible losses, George Soros is political force to behold

Since 2004, international philanthropist George Soros has spent well in excess of $50,000,000 on U.S. presidential elections. The first time around, he spent an estimated $27,000,000 to defeat incumbent president and serial warmonger George W. Bush. Although he lost, many viewed Soros’ donations on as being as much directed at undermining the younger Bush’ mandate than causing his electoral defeat.

More recently, Soros has once again anted up a Powerball-jackpot-worth of cash in support of his favored candidate. Spending more than $25,000,000 on behalf of Hillary Clinton, Soros once again became the presidential race’s largest single donor. This time too, his largess proved futile, at least as far as winning the presidency for his backed candidate on Politico. However, once again, it may have been a case of not only trying to install Clinton in the White House but also of seeking to undermine a Trump presidency.

Less celebrated battles often win wars
All this mega-millions magnanimity has had the effect of obscuring from view the many lesser battles Soros has diligently fought throughout the course of 2016. Soros is clearly shifting strategies, going after more vulnerable local elections where his influence can be utterly decisive, even when faced with strong, incumbent opponents.

Nowhere was this truer than in the case of the Orlando prosecutor’s race on Incumbent Jeff Ashton, a long time local favorite who had overseen a tenure marked by strict law-and-order stances on issues of criminality, was facing a virtually unknown public defender named Aramis Ayala.

Ayala was running as the first black prosecutor in the state of Florida. However, she had a strenuous uphill battle before her. She had virtually no campaign funds and was an unknown, having only the background of a low-level public defender on Forbes. But then Soros stepped in with a massive $1,300,000 war chest which he quickly deployed in Ayala’s service, taking out massive numbers of television and radio ads. Soros’ PAC honed in hard on Jeff Ashton’s racially divisive track record of disproportionately sending minorities to the penitentiary.

For his part, Ashton was simply unable to keep up with the massive infusion of cash and tidal wave of advertisements. He ultimately lost in a landslide, with Ayala becoming the first black prosecutor in Florida history and carrying the promise of a tenure that will right the severe historic disparities in sentencing for minorities. With Orlando being one of the United States’ major metropolitan areas, this represented a major victory for Soros.

Similar stories also played out in Colorado, Louisiana and Mississippi. In the latter state, prosecutor Scott Colom defeated another incumbent running on a fair sentencing platform. Colom, also a black man in a heavily black district, defeated rival Forrest Allgood by promising to end the mass incarceration of low-level drug offenders and other non-violent criminals that had torn apart the county’s black neighborhoods for decades. Again, Soros had delivered up to $1,000,000 which was used for television ads.

Across the country, George Soros is using guerrilla tactics to unseat prosecutors who he feels are the enemies of an open society.

Omar Boraie Kicks Off a ’18 Chair Challenge’

There are dozens of institutes and health centers that are dedicated to advancing cancer research and medication. At Rutgers Cancer Institute, in New Jersey, the academic committee has begun a multi-million campaign to fund its latest project. The campaign is being held at Rutgers University as part of its 18 Chair Challenge. An endowed chair is designed to ensure that a certain academic discipline is continued at the highest level. Omar Boraie was the first donor to pledge $1.5 million in support of the challenge.

Omar’s chair focuses on genomic science and precision medicine. As discoveries advance scientific understanding about genomes, medical professionals are better able to diagnosis and treat cancer. According to the Wall Street Journal, rather than resorting to surgery, genomic science allows professionals to treat tumors on a genetic level. That allows medical specialists to prescribe personalized therapies based on their patient’s individual needs.

Rutgers Cancer Institute is currently leading the country in using genomic sequencing as an approach to patient care. While other cancer centers are still trying to generalize a cure for cancer, Rutgers realizes the value in looking at patients as individuals. Rutgers approach of genomic sequencing has yielded incredible results. For patients with rare cancers, poorer prognoses, or limited or ineffective treatment options, genomic sequencing has led to the discovery of novel therapies that would have otherwise never to found. Precision medicine also increases the ability to provide better health care for patients in communities with completely different genetics.

Boraie feels a personal connection with patients that precision medicine can help. He has a background in chemistry and has always had an interest in cancer research and treatment. In an interview by Yahoo, Boraie said that he believes the advancements being made by Rutgers’s physician-scientists are invaluable. Precision medicine doesn’t directly help the populace, but it does help those whose cancers are no longer responsive. Once it’s discovered how accurate precision medicine can be, imagine how effective cancer medicine would be on a global scale.

Boraie trusted that Rutgers would assign his chair to someone that would take genomic science to the limits of its research. Shridar Ganesan, MD, Ph.D., has been named to Omar Boraie chair. She has been with the Rutgers for years and serves as associate director for translational science. She’s also the principal investigator of Rutgers precision medicine clinical trials. Ganesan was the perfect candidate to continue Rutgers’s research.

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