Lime Crime May Not Exist If It Weren’t For a Sleepover

Almost everyone has heard of the popular and wildly different company Lime Crime, the brainchild of smart businesswoman Doe Deere. However, many people don’t know that the company itself might not exist today if it weren’t for a sleepover that she had with friends before she was even 10 years old.

The truth is, Deere herself will tell you that she was always interested in anything and everything related to art, especially when it came to combining colors that were far more bold than those that were typically popular. Even then, she seemed to have a flair for the dramatic and she enjoyed creating things that were nothing like anything that was popular at the time. The whole point was for her to use her artistic ability as an outlet to display who she was as an individual, not to copy the work that was popularized by someone else.

However, it was not until she had a sleepover with friends that she truly found her first love, the love of makeup. Like most little girls, they were all using their imaginations to create some alternate universe but they weren’t really getting into it as much as Deere herself would have liked. She ended up breaking out the makeup kit and applying makeup to everyone, including herself. This is an experience that has stuck with her for the rest of her life, as she remembered how much more interesting and real the application of the makeup made everything else feel.

This is when she really figured out that she could change the lives of other people by simply providing colors that were as unique as her own personality. Lime Crime is a philosophy, which is why they have such a big following on Tumblr and Facebook. In fact, that even translates into Instagram where they have more than 2.2 million followers. Essentially, she combined her love of art and her love of makeup into a single entity so that she could create a company that was completely different from anything else going on. Customers have rewarded her by allowing her to continue to grow her company at a rapid pace, thereby cementing what she knew all along- that there was a void that customers were just waiting for someone to fill. Fortunately, she has done exactly that.

The Currency Crusher: George Soros

George Soros says in his book, The Age of Fallibility, The Consequences of the War on Terror, that ” The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” This is why he dabbles obsessively in radial left wing activism by funding these groups and political figures to take down America.

Recently he has been investing in Gold Stocks again, as he must be feeling pretty sure that the latest plans to disrupt the United States are coming to fruition. George Soros will proudly admit that he enjoys destabilizing governments and societies whose principles he does not subscribe to. He firmly believes that the United States forms global policies and that since that is the case, other countries should have a seat in the House of Representatives. Since that is not possible and it interferes with his personal political perspectives, he will use his fortunes to destroy the United States.

Being a Fabian Socialist means that he must conceal his true allegiance to the Socialist ideology in actual life dealings. He is totally consumed with his globalistic new world order activism. George Soros is a firm supporter of the infamous Democrat Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Therefore his financial support of 6 million dollars in the Hillary Clinton Superpac was only a part of the 7 billion dollars he has personally invested in all the extreme left wing organizations that he founded to destabilize the United States.

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He is openly vocal about his plan to remake the United States of America. He wants an open society that has regulated markets that are not driven by Capitalism. The Democrat party of the United States gets millions of dollars of support from George Soros where we can see his principles in action. President Obama benefited from George Soros’ super pac funds to win the White House and has embarked on a mission that was certainly dear to the hear of Soros, to ‘Fundamentally Transform the United States of America.’

Soros made his fortune by short selling the Bank of England which caused the collapse of the Bank of England and immediately caused the devaluation of all the homes of hard working British Commoners. Some of his favorite activist organizations are, Open Society Institute, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. These political forces within our midst will continue to attempt to negate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution by attempting to disregard the separation of powers with Obama and his abuse of power through Executive Action, Harry Reid and the Democrats attempting to take away guns at every opportunity by infringing on Americans Second Amendment Rights and stirring up Race Wars with Black Lives Matter.

Being Bearish on Gold Stocks after a long break from trading in that stock means that things must be ripe for his latest orchestrated financial melt down.

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Kabbalah Centre International and the practice of Kabbalah

Kabbalah and its practice means different things depending upon the tradition and aims of it followers. And while it is not a religious denomination in and of itself, Kabbalah practitioners seek to define the nature of the universe and human beings as they seek and attain spiritual realization.

Traditionally a part of Judaism, in the 21st Century Kabbalah has adapted some Christian, New Age and Occulist teachings to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal and mysterious infinity known as Ein Sof and God’s creation, which is defined as the mortal and finite universe.

Kabbalah grew out of the Jewish mysticism of 12th and 13th centuries in southern France and Spain and was reinterpreted in the 1500s during the Jewish mystical renaissance that occurred in Ottoman Palestine. It became popular as a form of Hasidic Judaism from the 18th century to modern times.

Headquarted in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre International in a non-profit organization that provides courses on Zobar and Habbalistic teachings both online and in regional and city-based centers and study groups around the world, including branches in New York City, London and Toronto. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles was opened by Philip Berg and Karen Berg in 1984.

In order to study at the Kabbalah Centre International, students are not required to have a previous knowledge of Hebrew or religious Jewish texts. Presenting itself as a supplement to religion, the Kabbalah Centre International teaches that everyone has a connection to the world of the Light, or Ein Sof, unbounded God, but that is blocked by Klippot, which hampers spiritual energy from entering the human body.

Through meditation, the practice of Kabbalah teachings and Jewish Law, the Kabbalah Centre International teaches that individuals can rid themselves of Klippot.

Believing that astrology has been part of Judaism since its beginnings, the Kabbalah Centre International believes that cosmic forces affect everything and that by understanding them, Kabbalists can grow spiritually.

Among the well-known followers of Kabbalah are Madonna, Ashton Krutcher, Demi Moore and Donna Karan. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on Facebook to learn more about them.

Wen by Chaz: Hair Products Done Right

Whenever you go to your local hair care store or even local Walmart, Sephora, Target, you-name-it, it can be difficult to find the right product and the product that works for you. Let’s face it: there are lots and lots of options, so how do you know which one is the right one for you? You might have a particular style of hair which requires specific needs to be met and taken care of. However, there is one product that is taking care of all of your hair care needs and that is the wonderful company known as Wen by Chaz. It was recently reviewed by Emily McClure of, and that article can be read right here:

In case you are unfamiliar with Wen by Chaz, it is time to get on board and find out more information on it and purchase a bottle from Amazon! It works as all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. What separates them from the competition, however, is the fact that they can work on any type of hair. It is all about which type of WEN by Chaz product you purchase and what you need for your hair. That shows a truly great product right there, because it suits the needs of the customer and the client. They go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy the customer.

In this blog she wrote, which I highly recommend you read, as Emily knows her stuff, she talks about how the product works over a seven day period. I don’t know about you, but when I buy something, I want to see results fairly quickly. However, Emily doesn’t just talk about the results, she shows you the results with pictures and then with a final conclusion on what the product does. You really get to know how the product works.

Why choose Wen? Visit:


Kenneth Goodgame: An Industry Leader in Marketing and Sales

Most recently, Kenneth Goodgame served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for the True Value Hardware Corporation. He worked from the company headquarters in Chicago. Goodgame oversaw $2.2 billion in global purchasing and $320 million in active inventory at True Value. Goodgame was at True Value from 2013 into 2015.

Prior to joining the True Value executive team, Kenneth Goodgame was the General Merchandising Manager as Ace Hardware Corporation, a position held from 2010 until 2013. In 2013, he departed Ace for True Value. He became a True Value executive as part of a major corporate restructuring at True Value.

Before becoming a part of Ace, Goodgame was the President of Baja Motorsports and the President of Direct Tools Factory Outlets. These two enterprises affiliated with Techtronic Industries North America. Prior to joining Ace, Goodgame was an officer with Newell Rubbermaid. He held the position of Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Channel from 2006 to 2007. He began his career at Home Depot, where he served as Senior Global Product Merchant. Goodgame obtained a bachelor’s of science degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Since leaving True Value, Goodgame has focused on writing and lecturing. He is becoming an every more familiar face on the lecture circuit. He speaks regularly at conferences, conventions and other gatherings in the United States and elsewhere around the world. The focus of his presentations are marketing, sales and related matters.

In addition to his various professional endeavors, Goodgame is active in the community. He is associated with a number of different not-for-profit projects, programs and organization. He also focuses on predicting and analyzing market shifts and why they occurred or why they are likely to occur at this juncture in the 21st century.

At the present time, Goodgame has no immediate plans to return to a corporate position. Rather, he seems inclined to continue to lecture and write on matters within his expertise.

James Dondero of Highland Capital Appoints Charity Manager

The investment management firm known as Highland Capital Management has recently appointed a new executive. This individual is named Linda Owen and she is now the charitable giving manager for Highland Capital. With her new appointment Linda looks to help the firm manage its charitable activities as well as help it reach its philanthropic goals. Linda Owen has many years of experience running charitable organizations throughout her career. With her background she provides Highland Capital with the guidance it needs in order to give back to the community. She is currently a civic leader and also was in charge of The Dallas Foundation. As a result she is very familiar with meeting the needs of the community and helping it become a better place. Linda will therefore be a great addition to Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero is very eager to appoint Linda Owen as the new charitable giving manager. Every year James looks to donate $3 million and therefore is in need of someone who will best allocate these resources. Since he donates lots of money to causes which include healthcare, education and veteran’s affairs, Dondero wants to make sure that his firm does its best to help make the community a better place. By appointing long time civic leader and non profit manager Linda Owen he is very confident that his charitable funds and activities will be very well managed. Since Linda has worked with the firm before, James believes that she is the best person to be in charge of the firm’s philanthropic operations.

Dondero is the co founder and president of Highland Capital Management. For over two decades he has run one of the most successful finance firms in the nation. He has made Highland Capital a leader in terms of managing credit as well as investing in hedge funds. As a result James has become one of the most highly successful entrepreneurs in the United States. With clients seeking his services worldwide, James decided to expand his firm to other areas in the world and therefore create an international presence. Before he started up his firm, he was a chief investment officer in which he managed up to $2 billion in assets for companies.


Keith Mann Partnering with Uncommon Schools to Offer Scholarships

Keith Mann recently announced that he would be working with uncommon schools sponsoring graduating seniors. The scholarship program will be administered in one of the Uncommon charter schools located in Brooklyn. The money raised will be used in sponsoring a graduating student for the whole academic year until they graduate.

The scholarship program aims at helping those students that come from low-income homes get similar opportunities at education. Keith Mann also hopes that through the scholarship, they will be able to help such students prepare for college. This is by allowing them an opportunity at acquiring tactical skills that will help them when they go to college and even further in their life.

When the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship was first implement, it was at a new school that was opening in Brooklyn, New York. The funds raised for the scholarship helped the selected students test for admission. Since the year 2013, Keith Mann together with Dynamics Search Partners have been working with schools based in Brooklyn, helping raise funds for such students.

About Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Dynamics Search Partners. He founded the firm in the year 2009. DSP is an international company, serving Asia, the United States and Europe. Prior to that, he had been working in the executive search industry for over 15 years. He is an expert in various field, including staffing, hiring and hedge fund compensation. He started out by offering staffing services international firms in the finance industry.

About Uncommon Schools

Uncommon Schools is a non-profit charter public school that manages 42 charter schools across the country. These schools are established to bridge the gap in opportunities for the less fortunate students. They help prepare them by equipping them with the necessary skills required for a successful life in college and at work. Currently, the schools are in six regions in the United States. The regions include New York City, Camden in New Jersey, Boston, Rochester, Newark and Troy.

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Technology Staffing Firm Diversant Led by John Goullet

Diversant is one of the leading technology staffing firms in the United States. The firm specializes in helping companies find the ideal technology professionals to help fill their positions. It also helps technology professionals find the ideal employment opportunity. What sets Diversant apart from many other technology staffing firms is its core values. These core values help the firm work towards meeting the needs of its clients. Diversant emphasizes diversity to help companies in different industries get the best talent along with helping professionals in all experience and skill levels advance their career. With Diversant, clients will work with a company that will emphasize teamwork and discipline to reach all of its goals. The firm will work with both staff and clients to arrange the ideal opportunity for every party involved.

As with any other business and organization, Diversant has leadership to help run its operations. The individual who runs Diversant is the principal John Goullet. John has a long and extensive background in technology and therefore knows what it takes to get technology jobs and what organizations need in terms of talent. He provides the overall direction of the firm and coordinates all of its activities that pertain to staffing and administration. With his experience and expertise, John is able to make Diversant into a top staffing firm in the technology industry.

Like most other entrepreneurs, John Goullet started out as an employee to gain his experience and expertise. He began his career working as a consultant for various computing companies. At these companies he learned about hardware, software and also skills such as programming. He would advise his companies on how to best run the technology and manage its resources. Once he realized that there are a number of companies looking to technology workers he decided to start up his own company. This company was a technology staffing firm which helped link technology professionals and companies. By the mid 1990’s he would make his firm very successful and merge with Diversant. Once he merged with Diverant he would then become its principal and help establish it as a premier technology staffing firm.

Eric Pulier is technologically savvy

Eric Pulier is a great business leader. The business world is highly influenced by technology and increasingly businesses are looking for people that have a deep knowledge of technology. Eric Pulier has a deep passion for technology, and his knowledge of technology has helped him grow as a business leader.

Eric was raised in New Jersey, and he is extremely proud of his hometown. During his early years, he was captivated by technology. He started programming computers as a fourth grader, and that early passion would pay-off. By high school, Eric was operating a database computer company. Eric’s intelligence earned him a place at Harvard University. During his time at Harvard, Eric worked on getting a degree in English Literature while also taking some classes at MIT. Being in Cambridge for four years allowed Eric to develop a rich set of skills that he could take to the business world.

Eric moved to Los Angeles in the early nineties, and he immediately made a major impact. He started People Doing Things, a company committed to solving the world’s problems. They tried to apply technology to healthcare education, and other major issues. The company was successful and helped him build a major reputation.

Eric was proud of his work with People Doing Things, and he quickly developed a reputation throughout the business world for being knowledgeable. He served on several presidential committees and many loved his future forward stance on technology.

Today, Eric is happy to work with the X-Prize foundation. He sits on the Innovation Board and he is constantly working to think of new ways to improve the future. He sees the XPRIZE foundation as a way to reach new heights. Eric also works with The Painted Turtle, a foundation that provides summer camp experiences for children with chronic illnesses. He cares deeply about the world, and he wants to do everything he can to make life easier for everyone.

The world must turn to bright technologically savvy minds, and Eric Pulier should be at the top of the list. Eric has a bright vision for the future of the world.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – The Dentist, Philanthropist and Sports Fun

For the last 16 years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been delivering cosmetic dentistry solutions as a dentist in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Ever since he established Old Bridge Dental Care, his dental clinic, Dr. Avi has been exploring the world of sleep and learning how dentists can help patients suffering from sleeping disorders. Today, he owns the New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters and Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor.

Avi Weisfogel has over the years had a keen interest in marketing and business in the dentistry field which has seen him join elite marketing clubs that dentistry has to offer. However, Avi’s breakthrough as a dental entrepreneur reached when he founded the Dental Sleep Masters in 2010. The company was founded to work with physicians worldwide in providing advice to medical practitioners on the establishment and management of sleep labs. Today, the company operates a program whose sights are on reaching more patients and dentists to improve healthcare distribution in the world of sleep medicine.

The Dental Sleep Masters program is currently helping children worldwide and physicians in over eight different countries. The program has performed over a quarter million free surgeries to help children and young teens in over sixty different countries.
The dentistry graduate from the College of Dentistry in New York has created a GoFund Me page whose proceeds are directed to Operation Smile, an organization that was founded to bring dental surgery to needy children around the world. Through efforts of people like Dr. Avi, Operation Smile has over a thousand dental surgeons that are helping bring smiles to underprivileged children across the world.

As a practicing dentist, Dr. Avi also has used his expertise and knowledge to create an oral device that helps people keep their air passages open. This invention has helped those with sleep apnea to have better sleep.

Dr. Avi is also active on social media with his Twitter handle having more than 3,500 tweets. He also has an active Facebook page and a Tumblr account where he frequently posts on personal and current affairs in the world of medicine and sports.