The Success of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur who focuses on the endorsement of new technologies that help treat diseases. He was committed and decided to donate millions of dollars to the SENS Foundation for innovative ideas to help cope with the aging related illnesses. The institution consists of a worldwide society that is rapidly growing and recognizing the role of biotechnologies. SENS Foundation is a non- profit firm that that is located in California that operates and promotes its own objectives.

The institute emphasizes on the need for modern medicine in the market. Jason Hopes began his support to the foundation in 2010 due to his love and passion towards the advancements of treatment to the aging diseases. Through his donation to the firm, it was able to create a new facility known as Cambridge SENS laboratory and implemented several projects. However, Jason has a kind heart that enables him to do more for the community such as promoting programs that support cure and education.

Jason Hope also ventures into the business platform based in Arizona. He was able to achieve a degree in finance from Arizona University and later went on to pursue an MBA from Carey School of Business. Hope has a concern in politics since he has a passion that is associated with business. He is also a writer through which he uses blogs to advise and share his innovative ideas through the modernized media platform.

Jason Hope has been active in emphasizing on the importance of Internet of Things which seem to take every work in the market. He started his career by establishing a mobile communication company that worked on philanthropy and help build the startup businesses. Jason is well known for his mentorship skills and knowledge through which he shares in high schools to guide the young.

He has also established certain programs to entrepreneurs in which they can get some quality information to help them through the course of the business. Jason has been in several programs to offer assistance and donations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Desert Mountain, Family Health International and Worldwide Orphan Foundation among many others.

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Adam Milstein Drives Pro-Israeli Activism Through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a prominent pro-Israel activist, a committed philanthropist, and an influential community leader. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a non-profit with a sharp focus on strengthening Jewish people in the US as well as the relationship between Israel and the US. The foundation achieves this by supporting over two hundred affiliated charities and non-profits.

He supports causes such as education, Jewish cultural values, and pro-Israeli activism. A few fundamental doctrines drive Adam Milstein’s philanthropy. First is the boots-on-the-ground strategy where, together with his team from the foundation, he invests time and know-how into the organizations he supports. Second, he identifies organizations that cultivate deep connections that impact people of all ages including kids, the youth, and adults.

Third, he encourages collaboration with other charities to increase their reach and efficiency towards achieving common goals. Adam Milstein is a native of Israel. He briefly served the mandatory term in the Israeli Army before joining the Israeli Institute of Technology. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. He moved to the US with his family in 1981 and obtained an MBA from the University of Southern California.

He then found his niche in the real estate market, a sector he had dabbled with in his father’s property development business. He works as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific, a real estate investment firm based in California with over $2 billion in managed assets. Adam Milstein is associated with numerous organizations aligned with his cause.

He co-founded the Israeli-American Council and serves on the board of various other related organizations such as StandWithUS, Bizrael, Jewish Funders Network, Human Rights Voices, Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships among others. Together with his wife Gila, he co-founded and runs the Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a non-profit promoting education and Jewish values in the US.

Adam Milstein has been acknowledged as one of the most influential Jewish people in the US. He is vocal about establishing closer ties between Israel and the US that enables Jewish people in the country to positively transform their lives. He has written many articles on the subject, which are published online.


Fabletics, Crowdsourcing Redefined

In the 21st century, consumer products demand continues to be determined by user reviews. Customers prefer crowd-sourced reviews when it comes to deciding whether to purchase a product. These customers trust the reviews that they come across despite them not knowing whoever wrote the review. They treat these reviews like information from someone they are familiar with. Trendy brands have realized this, and they capitalize on the shift in consumer behaviors by coming up with review-centric marketing techniques.


Fabletics is an example of a brand that focuses on review-centric marketing approaches. The brand has grown over 200% since it was launched in 2013. The company boasts of having over one million subscribers who pay for their membership. The brand’s success has been attributed to embracing their users’ reviews. The company is proof that customers reviews have a direct impact when it comes to new customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and customer retention.


A study conducted by BrightLocal found out that 84% of consumers trust online reviews equally as personal recommendations from people there are familiar with. This number has been on the increase every year thanks to the digital lives consumers lead. Traditional marketing and advertising campaigns no longer have the same impact on consumers like they used to.


It is a fact that genuine reviews increase the profitability of a business. These reviews have a tendency of improving search ranking and thus capture more interest from customers. Positive reviews make a brand more likely to appear at the beginning of a search result when a search engine like Google, is used. It is possible to use review sites like Trustpilot, to improve your brands seller ratings on Google. Online ads on average that have a seller rating on Google tend to experience over 17% click-through rate than similar ads that have no ratings.


BrightLocal also found out that 74% of consumers are motivated to buy a product after finding user reviews on a landing page. Having to include reviews or not on a product page makes it 17% more likely for a customer to consider purchasing the product.


Apart from influencing customer decisions, crowdsourcing has brought about a more transparent and customer-centric business environment. Businesses now put themselves in their customers shows to understand what the customers undergo. This has made them come up with products that customers want. All companies that pursue crowdsourcing make decisions based on what their customers want.


Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. It is through her hard work and belief in crowdsourcing that the company has managed to come up with a product that consumers seek. When the company was established in 2013, it was meant to bridge the gap between stylish, reasonably priced, and quality products for women. Kate’s heavy involvement in the brand has ensured just about that. The company has managed to grow to about $250 million in just three years.


What makes Kate stand out is her belief in longevity. If she has any doubts about something, she will not go ahead and do it. This was evident by Fabletics delaying their product launch by six months to ensure the right product is ready. When joining as a Fabletics member, it is important for you to take a quick lifestyle quiz on your personal preferences and expectations on the products. This information is used to ensure the company only develops products that suit your tastes and preferences.

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Dr. David Samadi – The SMART Doctor

Dr. David Samadi is one of the leading urologic oncologists and uses surgical robotics to treat prostate cancer and prevent certain harmful side effects such as nerve damage. His invention of SMART – Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique – allows Dr. Samadi to perform precise surgeries on his patients.From a very young age, Dr. David Samadi was fascinated by the invention of robotic surgery equipment and knew that he wanted to help people by becoming a doctor. In 1979, at only fifteen years old, David and his brother were forced to leave Iran without their parents. Both boys were determined to live a good life despite the hardships they were forced to deal with in their lives.

Dr. Samadi graduated from Rosylin High School and was awarded a full scholarship to the University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned his degree in biochemistry. Dr. Samadi worked on his post graduate training at the Montefiore Medical Centre and Albert Einstein School of Medicine. He completed his oncology fellowship with a focus in proctology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and has been fortunate enough to perform surgeries all over the world including Germany, France, and Spain.His passion for men’s health and prostate cancer stems from an experience he had watching a prostate cancer surgery. Dr. Samadi was intrigued with the way the surgeon meticulously explored such a small area in the body.

With prostate cancer being the second leading cause of death in men, Dr. Samadi wanted to bring awareness to the disease.During the early years of his career, between 1990 and 1994, Dr. David Samadi volunteered in the emergency department at Stony Brook Hospital. In June 2009, he began working as a Fox News medical consultant and contributor where he continues to work today. He also currently serves as the Chairman of Urology and Chief Robotic Surgery of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital.Dr. David Samadi likes to maintain the same daily schedule and routine in order to work as productively as possible. He has two children and currently resides in Old Westbury, New York with his wife.

The Prolific Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale capital management which is located in New York. The company was founded in the year 2009 under his stewardship. He is also the company’s Chief Investment Officer. The company was launched with only 11 million dollars.The company has been able to raise income from investors, approximately 100 million dollars, which has sustained it to great levels.

His company has been known for carrying out research depending on the publishing of research which has been done and also short selling. His views concerning marketing have been employed in circumstances which have been overlooked by the market. The circumstances include overhyping of shorts and underfollowing longs. These are terms which are used in the research concerning marketing.

Sahm has also shared hisresearch on various websites so that investment companies can benefit from the research.He has also shared it on twitter and sites which involve the third party. This research enabled Sahm to become famous. He has been able to expose Chinese companies which have been involved in fraudulent activities.

The companies in question include the Lihua International Company, the China Marine Food group, and many others. Most of the targets he has made have been enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission.Sahm has also focused on a number of technologies. The technologies range from one field to the other.

He has shown his expertise in the biotechnology field. This is a wide field which he has developed. He has been able to carry out research on different companies and publish his results. The research entails the different stages the companies have undergone to become prosperous. Some of the companies he has worked on include Bavarian Nordic Company.

Sahm Adrangi has developed the mining sector. He has been able to question how mining operations are carried out and the future of the companies involved. He has also been influential in the telecommunications sector. His views concerning different companies have been shared on several platforms including the Global star, the straight path communications among many others.

He has been involved in activism involving investments. He has engaged a corporation company, the Lindsay, to optimize the cash the company deploys at various places.Sahm Adrangi holds a financial career involved in the credit industry and is also a motivational speaker having spoken at various major conferences.

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Growth of OSI under David’s leadership

David McDonald Talks About OSI Group’s Sustainability

David McDonald doubles up as the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group as well as the director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited, based in Australia. He is also a member of the Group’s board of directors. David was previously working as the project manager at OSI before working as an independent director with Marfrig Global Foods S.A. McDonald is an alumnus of Lowa University where he graduated with a degree in animal science. David’s credentials speak a lot about his qualification, not to mention the active roles he has played in OSI’s success.

David McDonald joined OSI Group about three decades ago. Since joining the food processing company, David has been a dynamic force that has ensured the accountability and growth of the company. David said that the urge to enhance its products and services and to continue its growth had become the culture of OSI Group, which is slowly expanding its wings to most parts of the world. David has a unique leadership where he offers customers the best services and food products and extends the same to everybody working at OSI. David said that his passion is to build OSI to become a sustainable company and to grow continuously. McDonald appreciates that OSI Group is innovative and more flexible with its offerings because of its private ownership.

OSI Group recently acquired the Dutch food manufacturing company, Baho Foods. The food manufacturer was serving clients in about 18 European countries. David McDonald felt that OSI will reach out to more customers in the European countries after acquiring Baho Foods. He added that the acquisition would complement the client base that OSI already has in the European market. The leadership of David McDonald encourages a customer-first based approach that ensures that OSI Group succeeds in the fields that most people have failed.

Sustainability is on the top agenda of David McDonald. OSI Group recently made public a 2016-2017 sustainability report that showed a lot of things that the food processing company is doing in the world. David noted that he was proud of what the company has achieved in that period under McDonald’s leadership. OSI Group is involved in several initiatives that support the enhancement of animal welfare. Besides, it donated more than 200,000 lbs of food to food banks in America. David further said that OSI, under his leadership, is committed to improving the lives of the communities it serves and its employees by remaining an environmentally conscious and sustainable firm going into the future.

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How Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus is Helping Advance Cancer Treatments

For a long time, cancer has been a big menace in our society. Everyone is affected by the ailment in one way or the other. There has been a slow advancement in the treatment of the disease due to lack of proper data storage that can be used to develop effective treatments for cancer. This is because technology has not infiltrated the healthcare sector as it has done in the other sectors.

But all hope is not lost as in 2015; Eric Lefkofsky and other partners co-founded Tempus, a technology startup company with the main goal of advancing the technology that can be used in the treatment of cancer. In only two years, the company has grown from just a simple startup to become an influential company in healthcare technology and employed more than 200 employees. Tempus has been ranked among Chicago’s top 10 startups.

Recently, Tempus secured a $70 million funding helping Chicago surpass its funding requirements for 2015 and 2016. Tempus has come up with software capable of analyzing huge volumes of both clinical and molecular data. The company works with other hospital systems in the collection and analysis of cancer data to help them come up with a lasting solution important to cancer treatments and cure. Speaking about this, Mr. Eric Lefkofsky said that some top cancer centers in the country have interesting research initiatives and collects a lot of data but lack the means of analyzing the data.

Tempus offers an end-to-end solution to cancer problem. According to Mr. Lefkofsky, Tempus hopes to collect large amounts of data by partnering with other academic institutions and hospitals to develop effective cancer treatments. Tempus helps patients get gene-sequencing laboratory tests and also helps doctors with software-based solutions that enable them to carry out rapid comparisons of the patients’ genetic profiles. This is very helpful as it gives the doctors access to clinical trials that can be used in determining which treatments are most effective.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Lefkofsky was born in 1969. He is a successful American entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Eric co-founded Tempus in 2015 to help advance cancer treatments. He is also the co-founder of other ventures such as InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, and Mediaocean.

He established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife in 2006 to help advance his philanthropic activities. He serves as the Trustee of various organizations including; Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, World Business Chicago and Art Institute of Chicago.

Jeremy Goldstein- Why Stocks Options

Stock options have been losing their worth in the corporate sector at a very high rate. Corporations have been looking for other means of survival apart from implementing the stock options. Stock options have proved to be unsustainable for various corporations and therefore the need to have alternatives. Jeremy Goldstein, an expert on workers compensation, recommends the use of knockout options as an alternative to the stock options. Some of the reasons that corporations are opting out of stock options include:


There is a challenge in implementing stock options strategies when stock value loses value. A loss in value means that the corporation will most likely suffer losses. It also translates to losses for the employees who are expecting to earn from them. In cases where stock options lose values, the shareholders in the corporations get affected, and this may not be good for the image of the corporations in the eyes of investors.


Another reason why stock options are losing their credibility is that employees are no longer considering them good enough. Employees see them more of a gamble since in the current world economic downturns are many and there is no guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits of stock options. It is like being given a casino ticket as an investment option.


The last reason why organizations are opting out is that stock options are becoming a burden to the corporation and the employees. Many costs come with them. Taking into consideration all the charges, many employees opt for a higher salary instead.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the best lawyers in the United States. He is the owner of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates. His law firm offers advice to management teams in corporations. Jeremy Goldstein has helped many corporations with financial advice. Jeremy Goldstein remains dedicated to help more and more corporations learn valuable workers compensation schemes which do not negatively affect their businesses.


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Academy of Art University Helps Students Understand the Future of Fashion

The New York fashion week is an occasion that is conducted with the aim of introducing new names into the limelight. The platform is a rare treat to discover and nurture great talents. When you try to do the same 21 times in a row makes the experience more awesome. On September 9, 2017, the school of fashion at the Academy Art University conducted its 21st runway showcase at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Skylight Clarkson Square serves as the official residence for everything that concerns style for the week. During this season, ten new BFA and MFA graduates debuted tow men’s clothing and five women clothing collections, together with two alliances among them.

Since the participants came from various backgrounds of the designers, a wide range of ideas was displayed. On top of that, the silhouettes and craftsmanship techniques created a favorable impression of the face of the audience that included the renowned Ms. J Alexander o the America’s next top model and the director of education and professional development at CFDA. The runway was scheduled to be 15 minutes, and the activities included all classes, workshops, internship and the last minute hours of labor. In front of a vast audience that included peers, career mentors, and the entire world through the live stream, every participant showcased his or her vision for the future of the fashion.

About Academy of Art University
Academy of Art University is a privately managed and profit-making institution located in San Francisco, California, in the US. The school was established as an academy of advertising art in 1929. Academy of Art University has employed 283 full-time tutors and 1154 part-time teaching staff. On top of that, the school has enrolled at most 12600 students. It is evident that the Academy of Art University is the leading privately managed art and design learning institution in the US.

The institution is one of the prevalent property owners in San Francisco, with the main campus situated in the south market district, on New Montgomery Street. With the help of president’s determination, Academy of Art University is maintaining the pace with evolving technologies and industry trends. The school is the most prominent credited private art and design learning institution in the nation.

Norman Pattiz Makes Public Edison Research Results

The results of a progressive, inclusive study of advertising tests have been announced. This study of advertising tests included five leading customer brands across five different products and service classes. The results were announced by Podcast One Chief Executive Officer Norman Pattiz together with Tom Webster, the Vice President of Edison Research Strategy. The pre/post promotion brand boost for promoters of podcast took place in the last six months of 2016 which was the original research. The substantial positive sway of brand recall advertising and intention to buy and recall of precise messaging was revealed during this study.


Important Research Results


The study revealed that a section of podcast listener comprising 60% refers to a good but known grocery brands. This is after the Ads run. Before the research, the independent response to a product improved, and by post research stage it reached 47% for a financial service product. The car after-market goods reached 37% with grass and garden product amounting to a paltry 24%. By the post-research stage, a third of the respondents gave car aftermarkets merchandise positive views, going up to 18% before the research. About 22% of the respondents were almost convinced about garden lawn product. This was in the post-research stage and is an increase from 16% in the pre-research stage ( There was a 60% increase before and after the research with regard to a particular car promotion for the aftermarket. Informal restaurant rose by 76%.


PodcastOne commissioned Edison Research to carry out three specific studies in 2016. The aim was to make observations on podcast marketing efficiency in promoting five national brands. Some brands are established; others needed launching campaigns whereas others were little-known brands that were seeking to bolster their trial and awareness. The result of this research revealed that podcast customers were more amenable to brand messages, depicted and improved their willingness to buy or give considerations to those brands.


Who is Norman Pattiz?


Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and founder of PodcastOne. He is also the founder of Westwood One which he turned into America’s largest provider of news talk and traffic programming to the broadcasting Industry. He created the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. PodcastOne was later launched in 2012 after Norman noticed an untapped opportunity in the audio on demand industry. Norman served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America during Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s administrations. He was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 2009. Norman also received the Giants Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. Learn more: