Academy of Art University Helps Students Understand the Future of Fashion

The New York fashion week is an occasion that is conducted with the aim of introducing new names into the limelight. The platform is a rare treat to discover and nurture great talents. When you try to do the same 21 times in a row makes the experience more awesome. On September 9, 2017, the school of fashion at the Academy Art University conducted its 21st runway showcase at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Skylight Clarkson Square serves as the official residence for everything that concerns style for the week. During this season, ten new BFA and MFA graduates debuted tow men’s clothing and five women clothing collections, together with two alliances among them.

Since the participants came from various backgrounds of the designers, a wide range of ideas was displayed. On top of that, the silhouettes and craftsmanship techniques created a favorable impression of the face of the audience that included the renowned Ms. J Alexander o the America’s next top model and the director of education and professional development at CFDA. The runway was scheduled to be 15 minutes, and the activities included all classes, workshops, internship and the last minute hours of labor. In front of a vast audience that included peers, career mentors, and the entire world through the live stream, every participant showcased his or her vision for the future of the fashion.

About Academy of Art University
Academy of Art University is a privately managed and profit-making institution located in San Francisco, California, in the US. The school was established as an academy of advertising art in 1929. Academy of Art University has employed 283 full-time tutors and 1154 part-time teaching staff. On top of that, the school has enrolled at most 12600 students. It is evident that the Academy of Art University is the leading privately managed art and design learning institution in the US.

The institution is one of the prevalent property owners in San Francisco, with the main campus situated in the south market district, on New Montgomery Street. With the help of president’s determination, Academy of Art University is maintaining the pace with evolving technologies and industry trends. The school is the most prominent credited private art and design learning institution in the nation.

American Institute Of Architects Assisting Emerging Professionals

The AIA, the acronym for American Institute of Architects, is a leading professional association designed for licensed and certified architects, allied partners, and emerging professionals in the United States. The company is headquartered in Washington, DC, and serves members through education, community redevelopment, government advocacy as well as public outreach. Currently, the company is headed by Robert Ivy who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Thomas V. Vonier as AIA President.

AIA Structure

The AIA has about 200 employees that are governed by a Board of Directors. AIA functions as a national organization, but it has 300 local and state chapters that are spread throughout Europe, the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The organization has over 90,000 members who consist of licensed professionals and architects. AIA members must comply with a code of ethics that are put in place to ensure that architects display high standards in their professional practice. AIA architects can influence government practices which play a primary role in the quality of American life.

For students, there is no National AIA membership category, but they can become members of the American Institute of Architecture Students. Also, many state and local chapters of the AIA have some student membership categories. Every year, AIA offers web-based resources to emerging architects, sponsors various educational experiences for architects to maintain their licensure, conducts market research to provide an analysis of economic factors that affect the architecture business, and promotes outstanding professional excellence via an awards program. As a result, the organization serves its members with expert development prospects, personal benefits, design, and professional information services as well as contract documents for the design and construction industry.

AIA Recognitions

The AIA’s primary goal is to meet the needs and interests of the architects by raising public awareness of the value and importance of good architecture design. The company’s most prestigious most prestigious honor is the FAIA, a designation of a member as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. This membership is only awarded to members who make contributions of national significance towards shaping or building the architecture profession.

In a bid to mark AIA’s 150th anniversary, the company used findings from a public poll where Americans stated their favorite 150 works of architecture. The AIA has two public outreach efforts; the Sustainability 2030 Toolkit and the Blueprint for America nationwide community service initiative. In 2007, the two outreaches received Award of Excellence from the Associations Advance America Awards.


Jason Hope – Google News Recap

Jason Hope IoT Expert, Writer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

The Internet of Things is what Jason Hope explains as the tech future. This future is more futuristic with almost everything from life being connected to the internet. This would be done with digital interfacing and could mean being able to access things from a smartphone like the home refrigerator or car. The Internet of Things is IoT and Mr. Hope has been writing at length on the topic on blogs and websites.

Mr. Hope is welcoming this futuristic technology and believes it is possible to get in now and that the world will be changed by this kind of technology. He believes that the Internet of Things is significant enough that the largest corporations will get involved with this technology. In fact, Mr. Hope believes it will include the top cast list in the global economy.

Another thing that Mr. Hope thinks is that simple technology with smartphones is accepted by consumers readily. This leads him to believe consumers will embrace the future of technology that within a few years could change their lives. He said currently it is possible to turn off and on lights in the home as an example. This advance in technology will create competition with large companies in a race to see who can create the most useful apps for consumers. Mr. Hope feels the competition will be extremely fierce.

Mr. Hope points out in his support of IoT and technology that it can make things safer and eliminate waste and uses public transportation that has seen noteworthy improvement because of technology. The changes it has made to public transportation is methods of better monitoring of maintenance, avoiding dangerous roadways due to the ability to use real-time mapping of routes. He believes with improved public transportation it will mean roadway congestion will lessen because fewer vehicles will be on the road when public transportation is dependable.

Jason Hope calls himself a futurist due to his belief in the Internet of Things, he is an entrepreneur, blog and website writer, and inventor. Mr. Hope has a passion for philanthropy resulting in both time and money donated to projects that include education, The Mark Walberg Youth Foundation, and True Colors Fund. He has also donated to The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, and Arizona Science Center. Mr. Hope has donated to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Family Health International, The Andre Agassi Foundation and T Gen Foundation.

Today Jason Hope is one of the tech industry leading voices for educating about the Internet of Things, and technology frequently writing and as a commentator on tech trends. Some of Mr. Hope’s other passions besides education that he is focused on includes both disease cure and scientific research.

Jason Hope Info:

Securus Technologies Working Hard To Make The World Safer For Everyone

Main headquarters for Securus Technologies can be found in Dallas, Texas. They serve over 3 thousand people in public safety and law enforcement officials as well as over a million inmates each year. They make sure to serve and connect with each official in emergency response teams as well as those in incident management positions. They are always creating services and products which are used to help make everyone safer inside of jail facilities and on the outside.


Securus Technologies provides criminal justice technology as well as civil technology solutions to help the public stay safe. They offer investigations and corrections to facilities that ask for their help. They create technology resources to solve and prevent crimes that often include crimes committed from one inmate to another.


Each year, Securus Technologies will receive letters and emails from people involved in protecting others to find a way to keep them even safer. Those emails and letters are the driving force behind Securus Technologies. It is because of them that they stay in business and this drives them to come up with new and better ways each year. The people who are put in charge of preventing crimes inside of the facilities are the ones who are constantly searching for bigger means to controlling inmates and others.


During the year, Securus Technologies works to create a new service or a product that will help the law enforcement and correctional officers to prevent future crimes and to solve those crimes. Chief executive officer for Securus Technologies says it is their goal to help the world be safer and better for everyone. Each year they help more facilities come up with ways to be safer for not only the inmates in the jails but also the people who work there. The job of these officials is to also keep family members and guests of jails safe when they are inside the walls of the facilities.



David McDonald who is also known by the names David G. McDonald and Dave McDonald is the President of OSI Group LLC as well as its Chief Operating Officer. Dave was born in a farmhouse located in Southeast of the Lowa State. He pursued a Bachelor’s degree in animal science at the Lowa State University where he successfully graduated in the year 1987. His excellent academic performance, discipline and active participation in the University as well as community activities earned him the Wallace E. Barron Senior Award from the Lowa State University Alumni.

David G. McDonald luckily got his first employment at the OSI industries in Chicago after graduation where he became a Project Manager. Dave also worked for the Marfrig Global Foods S.A in the capacity of an Independent Director. Apart from his current position of president and Chief Operating Officer, Dave is a Chairman at the North American Meat Institute, member of the Board of Directors at the OSI Group and is also the Director at the OSI International Foods Pty. Limited.

With greater than 30 years’ experience working with the OSI Group Company, David McDonalds efforts in making the company great is evident. He has built trust, imparted patience and employed flexibility in his quest for providing satisfactory services to customers and making OSI Group the Premier Global Food Provider. Dave has also developed a transparent relationship with his customers which allows open sharing of the challenges faced as well as the needs of the customers which often lead to availability of creative solutions to problems. Also, through the leadership of David G. McDonald, an oversight governance was established by and for the OSI Group partners with the objective of approval of expenditures and formulation of policies to support strategic decision making. His leadership has also given room for innovation for both the product development teams and the menu development chefs which accepts any mistakes or failures as normal and applauds effectiveness, wholesomeness, safety and quality. This has made the employees of the OSI Group to be dedicated to their duties as a result of which the company as well as its President has achieved its goals. For more info about us: click here.

Over years, the OSI Group has made several purchases under the leadership of David McDonald among them the purchase of the UK Flagship Europe, the Tyson Foods and the Baho foods among others. During the purchase of Baho Foods, Dave commented that the diversity of the products and brands of the company would be a great compliment for OSI Group and would make them satisfy the changing needs of their customers.

George Soros: Leading the Way

George Soros is a notable American investor and philanthropist. He is also involved in politics. He was originally born in Hungary. He studied at the London School of Economics after leaving his home country. He waited tables and acted as a porter for the railroad so he could pay his dues for the school. His first career in finance was at a merchant bank. Once he finally arrived in New York, he went to work on Wall Street, and the Quantum Fund has founded by him for $12 million in 1969. In 1992, he “broke” the Bank of England by making a huge profit shorting the British pound.Soros has the family office called the Soros Fund Management. It has over $30 billion of assets. Soros still invests through this family office.

Dawn Fitzpatrick, a woman, is his chief investment officer. The fund allows him to give to various causes that he feels special about.This includes politics, philanthropy, and social goals. For example, he is an outspoken critic of the former President George W. Bush. He attempted to support John Kerry in the elections, and has also supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.His recent support of causes like Immigrant Voters Win (PAC) show that he is dedicated to helping people of all kinds, especially those in need. Through his various international funds, he has given over $13 billion to charitable organizations and human rights groups.

Defending human rights, access to healthcare, and social equality are all important to Soros. He believes that climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity, and has supported a number of initiatives to support it, including placing a tax on all emissions globally. Other causes he has donated to include American Bridge, Priorites USA Action, and the DNC. In a world where the tides are shifting more and more quickly, it’s important to have leaders in the field of finance like Soros who can provide guidance. The causes that humanity cares about must have funding in order to see progress. Investors and philanthropists like Soros provide a helping hand to those in need while also acting as inspiration and hope to Americans hoping to have their voices heard. The message of Unity from Soros’ actions speak loudly.

Dogs Speak Out in Clever Beneful Commercials

We have all wondered what dogs are really saying to us when they cock their head and look at us quizzically. Luckily, Beneful has produced a series of commercials that answer that question.

The first one titled “Dinner for Two” shows a dog and a woman having dinner. The dog talks about how they have been “together since 2012”. The voice is just perfect, reminiscent of a husband talking about himself and his wife like longtime companions. What makes these commercials really special is that they don’t include any animatronic fake canine mouth movements. It really looks like the dog is just casually commenting while eating a crunchy bowl of Beneful Original Dry Dog Food. The dog muses that he eats a healthy bowl of Beneful and she eats “a cheese stick and a cracker” Then the dog looks up at the woman and they hug. Does it get any cuter than that?

We all ask our dogs silly rhetorical questions and in this next commercial titled “Yes, I Want To Eat” the answer is obvious. The human keeps asking “Do you want to eat?” and the dog replies “Yes, like nine times you asked! Yes, I want to eat!” Finally, she puts down the bowl of Beneful Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food and the dog chows down. Once full and content, he thanks her and then gives her a smooch.

Beneful makes commercials as great as their dog food and both humans and their dogs are grateful for that.

George Soros, a philanthropist and renowned entrepreneur

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on August 12, 1930. He is a Hungarian-American philanthropist, author, and investor. He is considered highly in the world of investors as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He has a cumulative net worth of 25.2 billion dollars, this made him appear in the list of 30 richest people in the world, as of May 2017. He holds the position of Chairman at the Soros Fund Management, LLC.George Soros graduated with a degree from the London School of Economics and later a master’s in philosophy. He migrated to the U.S. in 1956 and entered the world of investments and finance. He began his career by working in various banks before starting off his hedge fund in 1969, Double Eagle. He used proceeds from Double Eagle to furnish his second hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, in 1970. Quantum Fund, formerly Double Eagle, had assets under management of 12 million dollars at its founding. As at 2011 it had an overall net worth of 25 billion dollars.

Soros is a renowned philanthropist. He is known to have given over 12 billion dollars away to date. His donations go towards supporting people and organizations around the world fight for their freedom of expression, accountability of governments, transparency, and the promotion of justice and equality. He has been an international supporter for over 30 years to issues pertaining to democratic ideas.George Soros is known to have supported scholarships for black students in South Africa at the University of Cape Town. He is a firm believer in the power of education. He also advocated for the study of Eastern European students to study in other countries. With a budget of 3 million dollars in Hungary, Soros founded the Open Society Institute in 1984. This was aimed at opening up the societies of Eastern Europe to the open minded ideas from the outside world.

Soros has educated thousands of promising students who had come from marginalized groups, from Europe’s Roma. He has also supported lawyers and paralegals represent thousands of individuals who have been held unlawfully. George Soros has even gone beyond using his own foundation and worked with various independent organizations such as the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, and the Global Witness among others in fighting for people’s rights.As a writer, George Soros is rated a best-selling author for his insightful books. He has written fourteen books which offer guidance on the various approaches in business and investments. The insights that he provides are based on his actual perspectives and first-hand experience in the world of politics, open societies, economics, philanthropy, and globalization.George Soros is known to emphasize on tackling positive causes that appear to be losing. He is a great advocate of creating an equitable world for all.

Clay Siegall Talks About The Accomplishments Made By Seattle Genetics

After two decades in cancer therapy research, Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics has developed drugs that have brought relief to cancer patients and their families. However, the scientist journey started much earlier than 1998 when he founded the company. As a young adult studying zoology at the University of Maryland, Dr. Siegall saw the effects of the disease on its victim firsthand. This is after one of his relatives was diagnosed with cancer. In the next five years, he observed the ineffectiveness of the standard treatment procedure. Clay was convinced that various treatment procedures such as amputations were brutal and made a cancer patient weaker. This experience caused him to change his life goals to start finding humane treatments for cancer.

According to the Seattle Genetics’ founder and chief executive officer, the company took a very long period before it started generating revenues. However, the potential in antibody drug conjugate technology that the company was exploring saw it secure over $1.2 billion in funding. Presently, the company does not rely on funding from investors. The entity’s first cancer therapy, ADCetris, has been doing well in the market and is helping the company rake in millions of dollars in revenues. The FDA-approved drug is available to patients in over 60 countries globally. Moreover, the company earns revenues from licensing its technologies and processes. This situation helps Seattle Genetics to generate revenue while at the same time accelerating the development of better cancer therapies.

When asked about his successes, Dr. Siegall responded by saying that the answer lies on one’s work habit. He refers to a letter written by Charles Darwin, which said that human beings do not substantially differ in intellect. What makes the difference is the work habit. The executive leader adds that he is passionate about his career and tends to be workaholic.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a celebrated expert in development of targeted cancer therapies. The CEO of Seattle Genetics has extensive experience in developing antibody drug conjugate therapies. He is a graduate of both the University of Maryland and George Washington University.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, he was working for different institutions such as the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research institute. Dr. Clay Siegall sits on the boards of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.


José AuriemoNeto Propels JHSF to New Heights with Strategic Approaches

José AuriemoNeto, the executive from Brazil, is the chair and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. The real estate company is committed to developing residential and commercial properties in Brazil. He supervises the brand’s interests in office buildings, hotels, and public developments.

He also manages the groups extensive shopping and retail portfolio. The collection includes CidadeJardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo, the MetrôTucuruv, the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador. There are two more developments in the Sao Paulo district currently under construction in because of the nation’s economic growth.

AureimoNeto also oversaw the group’s first venture into retail in 2009. The company signed exclusive partnership agreements with Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci and opening the luxury brands premier department stores in CidadeJadrim shopping complex. In 2012, they in association with Valentino, launching the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino outlets in his native country, Brazil.

JHSF Participações S.A. is renowned in Brazil for high-end real-estate properties, with substantialcontributionto residential and commercial incorporation, the development and administration of shopping centers, high-end hotels, and an international commercial airport.

Established in 1972, the company is known for its capability to recognize new prospects in the sectors where it operates. Its innovation, pioneering, quality, and ability to present sustainable solutions in its developments and projects are some of the company’s pillars of growth.

As the company progressed, JHSF amalgamated its presence in capitals like São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus and globally in Punta del Este, New York and Miami.

The companyhas four business segments: Incorporation, Shopping Center, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, and Airport. It has been in existence for more than four decades and was ranked in the highest Corporate Governance section of the Bovespa in April 2007

Career and Education

He went to the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University in Sao Paulo. AuriemoNeto’s career at JHSF started in 1993. In 1997 the young executive created Parkbem, a parking lot management company. The firm was the group’s first service delivery company. Due to the success of Parkbem, Auriemo secured the rights to develop the group’s original shopping destination, the Shopping Santa Cruz, and administered its successful growth. To know more about him click here.